Simplifying your life is in our best interest. We will act like your butler to take care of your needs in Melbourne. Any kind of issue please let us know and we love problem solving with our professional services.


START is dedicated to help you realize what your “dream” looks like and hunt for it. We have excellent knowledge and resources in apartment, houses, and townhouses in either Melbourne CBD or suburb.


Your property will be analyzed carefully and we will understand your needs and identifying the key features that set your property apart. We are able to identify buyers whose criteria match your property based on our most detailed. Because we look after the purchaser very well with after sale services, our database is strong with great referral rate.


Satisfaction is always given to both Landlord and tenant. We spend time to look after your needs in details and manage all different kinds of trouble. With our experience, Landlord can enjoy their investment return and let us do all the hard work; tenants receive attention and enjoy their stay.


Sometimes it’s hard to find your dream home. How about we build one specifically for you? We manage the whole process from the beginning from nothing till a home you moving in with satisfaction. Our property development management also gives investors opportunity to minimise risk and maximise return.


To leverage investment in real estate, mortgage is always essential. With in house mortgage broker, purchaser can be one of the first to receive updates and financial advice. There are too many different financial products and banks to choose from. Contact us to understand how to apply mortgage and look after your finance.


Event organising, market research, advertisement etc. are examples of areas we involved day to day. Before spending so much funding in real estate, proper understanding of the market and preparation should be done for both vendor and purchaser. The most effective way is to ask experienced agents like us.

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Administration Director


We build our products to represent our values.

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